Post requests for work you wish to be done. We ask that you keep it vanilla or close to that realm. I’m going to be a bit more open on this site than on the core RapidSwitch site but we’re still not doing gore or NTR.

Just post what you want done and the group will deem if it’s worth doing or not.

Thank you.


13 responses to “Requests

  1. Hey, I was wondering if you would be able to translate this SAO doujin:

    It’s within your stablished rules, and I really want to read it translated since I saw the ‘prequel’ of it, which was translated by a comission looong ago it seems (This translation it’s only in Exhentai though, here ), because more than the sex, the dialogue was HILARIOUS and greatly funny, while also somehow keeping them a little in character, and I had just been dying to know what they said in this other one, which by the looks is as much if not funnier XD (I love reading humor things of SAO, like the Bibi dous you have translated previously, the rest of which I sadly STILL can’t find anywhere, and if it’s harem then more :D). So, with that said, I hope that you take this humble request into consideration and that it’s not a hassle or anything. Keep up the good work and thanks for your amazing translations!


    • Yeah, we’ll try to get to it.
      We’ve been working on an IS anthology over summer since summer is such an odd time for people which is why we haven’t really updated anything on either site but we’re almost finished. Once that is done and out we’ll get back to work on doujins and other things that have been requested.


      • That’s good to know…just for asking, not wanting to push you all or anything, but are you working/have the latest AirXGra SAO doujins?? I ask ’cause I know that he released doujin-collection this latest comiket with most or all of his old SAO works plus the typical little new bit that comes in those kind of things, and I thought it would finally be the opportunity for someone to get all the ones that had been missed in the old comikets and more…but so far no one has nor seems to be planning in uploading the raw, and that makes me sad XP So, yeah, just asking OxO


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